Monday, July 4, 2011

Princess Party - Green and Purple

Having two girls I have seen my fair share of princess parties. I've planned them, and attended them, and I'm still planning them and attending them! I decided I was sick of the traditional pink princess party, I wanted to do something a little different. So I decided to take a nice royal color, purple and pair it with green, a more punk rock princess party palette.

I started with the favor bags. I picked out some purple gable boxes. I paired them with some green ribbon and paper. Next I made some cool hanging decorations for over the table, again just simple ribbon and paper. For the table setting I picked up a purple table cloth, and green plates and napkins. I made some cute napkin rings with a cute crown princess stamp, a circle punch, paper and ribbon.

For the cake I wanted a really ruffled look. I took a leaf tip and did wiggling lines down the side and top of the cake all in purple. Next I baked some sugar cookies and cut them using a crown cutter. When they were cool, I topped them with colored white chocolate.Finally I picked up some green and purple candy to go in the favor boxes.

Here is a couple of photos, I will post the recipes and more photos and instructions over the next couple of weeks.

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