Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easy DIY Party Decorations

I am not a fan of crepe paper streamers or balloons. I hate the sound of popping balloons, and streamers are just plain boring. I came across these super cute DIY party decorations on Martha Stewart's website. They are cheap and easy to make at home. 

You will need 4 things: curling ribbon, colored paper, glue or tape and a round paper punch. I used green curling ribbon, purple and green paper, double sided tape and a 1" circle paper punch.

Start by measuring your ribbon. Figure out where you want the decorations to hang, and cut the ribbon to the size you need. Next start punching circles. I needed 12 circles per ribbon, and you will need 2 circles for each spot, so I need to punch 24 circles for each ribbon. the number of circles you need will depend on the length of you ribbon, the size of your punch and how closely you want your circle spaced. Next I applied double sides tape to 12 of the circles, attached them to my ribbon then topped them with the remaining 12 circles. Repeat until you have enough ribbons to decorate your space!

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  1. OM Gosh! I love this idea. So simple but so cute! My daughter's 5th birthday is coming up and this will be perfect, not to mention inexpensive. Thanks for the clever idea!